Acetone is the raw material of MMA(Methyl Metha Acrylate), BPA, ascorbic acid(Vitamin C), etc. In addition, acetone is widely used as solvents for synthetic resins, rubber, oil paper and paints, as well as for acetyl cellulose, nitro cellulose, etc. By applying the cumene process, LG Petrochemical produces acetone and phenol by using benzene and propylene as raw materials. Acetone is a colorless liquid with a distinct smell and is inflammable due to its low boiling point.

(Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet when handling acetone.)

Common Name Chemical Name Empirical Name

Acetone Dimethyl Formaldehyde, Dimethyl Ketone CH 3COCH3

Appearance clear liquid Color, Pt/Co 5 max.

Purity, wt % 99.7 min. Permanganate Test, minute 150

Water Content, wt ppm 3,000 max. Nonvolatiles, wt ppm 10 max.

Water Solubility at 25

Sp. Gr at 20

Molecular weight 58.08 Heat of fusion, cal/g 23.4

Appearance clear liquid Electric conductivity, 25

Boiling point,

Melting point,

Flash point,

CC -9 30

Min. ignition point,

Explosion limit, vol %, @ 25

Heat of combustion, cal/g 7,362 Viscosity, centipoise

Heat of vaporization, Kcal/Kg, @ 56.1

Specific gravity, 25/20

Density, g/ml @ 20

Refractive index, @ 20

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