PA is widely used as phthalate plasticizer, unsaturated polyester resin, dye intermediate. PA manufacturing method is divided into ortho-xylene based process and naphthalene based process by used raw methrials and fixed and fluidized bed type by used catalyst.

Since our subsidiary, factory produced PA for the first time in Korea, Aekyung Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has developed into the world 's largest one as a single factory through the constant technology development and construction of new plants.

This specialized technology in PA area has been our driving force for becoming the global second position in the production capacity per unit. Our company that is producing best quality goods with 30 year of experience and latest technology promises to supply our goods on anytime-anywhere base in both domestic and overseas markets. The largest Production Capacity: 200,000MT per Year

  • Raw material for phthalate plasticizer (DOP, DINP, DIDP, DBP, etc)
  • Raw material of resin, including polyester, unsaturated polyester resin and alkyd resin.
  • Dye intermediate, including phthalimide, phthalic nitrite, anthranilic acid, benzoic acid
  • Ester Polyol
  • Other usage includes Telephthalic acid, medicines and aromatic essence.
PA is white crystalic flakes at room temperature and transformed to colorless liquid at heating.

Net wt. 25kg paper bag/p.p woven bag
POLYCON BAG : 250kg, 450kg, 500kg, 550kg, 600kg, 750kg
MOLTEN : Tank-Lorry

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